How To Read Your Eyeglass Prescription

If you have recently visited your optometrist and it was determined that you need eyeglasses in order to see more clearly, then you want to know how to read your eyeglass prescription. This will allow you to determine what your eyesight is like and what type of glasses are right for you. This way, when you shop for glasses, you know exactly what you are looking for. Here's how to read your eyeglass prescription:

Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Eyeglasses For Your Child

Buying your child's first pair of eyeglasses is a big deal. Not only will they help his vision, they will also change your child's appearance, at least somewhat. Finding a pair that is stylish, flattering and durable is essential. So where do you begin? Learn several factors you should consider that will help you select the right pair of glasses for your child. Pick the Right Materials Considering your child's routine and favorite activities will help you select the best frames and lenses.