Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Eyeglasses For Your Child

Buying your child's first pair of eyeglasses is a big deal. Not only will they help his vision, they will also change your child's appearance, at least somewhat. Finding a pair that is stylish, flattering and durable is essential. So where do you begin? Learn several factors you should consider that will help you select the right pair of glasses for your child.

Pick the Right Materials

Considering your child's routine and favorite activities will help you select the best frames and lenses. For instance, if your son or daughter is active in sports, spends a great deal of time outdoors or tends to be accident prone, you will likely want sturdy frames and lenses. Glasses made from polycarbonate or Trivex lens materials are lightweight and scratch resistant. Plastic frames are highly durable, although many metal frames are now quite resilient as well. If your child is allergic to metals, such as nickel, request frames made from hypoallergenic materials.

Select a Complementary Frame Color

Picking frames in a favorite color might encourage your child to wear the glasses more consistently. However, if your youngster is fickle, you may be better off choosing a shade that pairs well with your child's hair, eyes and skin tone. Trying on various frames can help you find the best hue and the right shape.

Let Your Child Weigh In

Getting glasses for the first time can be a little stressful. Letting your child pick out frames to try on and even choose between the final two or three options is a wonderful way to foster a sense of ownership of and attachment to the new specs. You may also wish to have equal veto power so that either of you can flat out refuse a pair of eyeglasses you simply do not like.

Ask the Expert

Opticians are experts in their field and help hundreds –even thousands– of kids and adults find the perfect pair of glasses. Requesting recommendations from your optician is wise, as he can help you find the precise lens material and thickness, the ideal type of frame and even the most attractive color and style for your child's face.

Take Your Time

Whether your child only requires glasses for reading or will wear them from sunup until bedtime, making the right choice can be challenging. Be patient, ask numerous questions and try on as many frames as necessary. With a little time, some effort and a positive outlook, you are sure to find the perfect pair. To get started, contact a company like Granville Mall Optical.