Tips For Protecting Your Eye Health

The health of your eyes is a critical factor in determining your ability to see. However, people will frequently make mistakes in the course of caring for their eyes, which can put them at a higher risk of encountering vision problems. If you are wanting to be better able to care for your eyesight, there are several tips that you may want to consider following. Protect Your Eyes From The Glare Of The Sun

Top 4 Accessories For Your Eyeglasses

When it comes to glasses, Reference.com reports that there are 4 billion adults around the globe wearing them to correct their vision. Eyeglasses may be preferred, as contacts need to be repurchased on a regular basis and eye corrective surgery is expensive. If you sport a pair of glasses, there are a few accessories you can buy that will add both function and style to your look.  Fit-Over Sunglasses According to the University of Utah, UV radiation can cause sunburn in your eyes.

Premature Presbyopia: Is It The Reason You Can't See Close Up?

When many adults enter their 40s, they experience presbyopia, a natural decline in close-range vision. But adults younger than age 40 can also experience a change in close-range vision. This early loss of vision is called premature presbyopia. If you do have problems reading the screen of your desktop computer, smartphone, or even a magazine, take steps to treat it. Here are possible reasons for your early loss of close-range vision and what you can do to remedy it.