Top 4 Accessories For Your Eyeglasses

When it comes to glasses, Reference.com reports that there are 4 billion adults around the globe wearing them to correct their vision. Eyeglasses may be preferred, as contacts need to be repurchased on a regular basis and eye corrective surgery is expensive. If you sport a pair of glasses, there are a few accessories you can buy that will add both function and style to your look.  Fit-Over Sunglasses According to the University of Utah, UV radiation can cause sunburn in your eyes.

Premature Presbyopia: Is It The Reason You Can't See Close Up?

When many adults enter their 40s, they experience presbyopia, a natural decline in close-range vision. But adults younger than age 40 can also experience a change in close-range vision. This early loss of vision is called premature presbyopia. If you do have problems reading the screen of your desktop computer, smartphone, or even a magazine, take steps to treat it. Here are possible reasons for your early loss of close-range vision and what you can do to remedy it.